[Jelly 01] • Never Been Jelly

[en] [Jelly 01] • Never Been Jelly
Aces, Mahogany, as_Aces, Ellis,

Sos the Rope

[en] Sos the Rope Pyramid Books X-1890
Anthony, Piers,

Unicorn Point

[en] Unicorn Point Ace Books
Anthony, Piers,

[Apprentice Adept 03] • Juxtaposition

[Bio of a Space Tyrant 04] • Executive

[Cluster 02] • Chaining the Lady

[en] [Cluster 02] • Chaining the Lady Hearst Avon
Anthony, Piers,

[Cluster 04] • Thousandstar

[en] [Cluster 04] • Thousandstar Avon Books
Anthony, Piers,

Total Recall

[en] Total Recall Avon Books (Mm)
Anthony, Piers,

[Apprentice Adept 04] • Out of Phaze

[Incarnations of Immortality 03] • With a tangled skein

[en] [Incarnations of Immortality 03] • With a tangled skein Random House Ballantine Del Rey
Anthony, Piers,

Centaur aisle

[en] Centaur aisle Del Rey Books
Anthony, Piers,

[Cluster 03] • Kirlian Quest

[en] [Cluster 03] • Kirlian Quest Hearst Avon
Anthony, Piers,

[Apprentice Adept 02] • Blue Adept

Split infinity

[en] Split infinity Random House, Inc.
Anthony, Piers,

[Incarnations of Immortality 05] • Being a green mother

[Xanth 19] • Roc and a Hard Place

[Xanth 16] • Demons Don't Dream

[en] [Xanth 16] • Demons Don't Dream Del Rey Books
Anthony, Piers,

[Xanth 06] • Night Mare

[en] [Xanth 06] • Night Mare Del Rey/Ballantine Books
Anthony, Piers,

[Tales of Magic and Adventure 01] • Dungeon Explorers

[Xanth 34] • Knot Gneiss

[en] [Xanth 34] • Knot Gneiss Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC
Anthony, Piers,